The Duck Creek Sticker

Richardson Duck Creek HOA has created a unique and descriptive sticker for each of your vehicles. What could be more descriptive for a Duck Creek vehicle than a duck? Yes - a single dark green duck covering most of the 2" by 2" white background. There are no words, no slogan, and no catchy phrases. Just our green Duck Creek duck.

Why Does Duck Creek Have These Stickers?

First, we would like to further develop and symbolize our Duck Creek pride. We want other motorists to observe and think "what does the green duck mean?" Have you looked at some of the individualized license plates and tried to figure out what the numbers and/or letters were trying to say?

Second, we would like to increase the effectiveness of our Crime Watch Patrol. They are touring your streets and alleys looking for criminal activity or crime clues. The Duck Creek sticker on your vehicles tells the CWP crew that those vehicles belong in Duck Creek, making their job much easier.

Who Will Get One of These Stickers?

All Duck Creek residents who request them will receive one 2" by 2" sticker for each of their vehicles.

Duck Creek Yard Sign

Help show your support for Duck Creek and the neighborhood by putting a yard sign in your yard. This is a great way to show your neighbors you support the Duck Creek HOA and you have Duck Creek pride.

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